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A few months ago I saw the Couch Coozy commercial and thought it was a very silly product. Lately I have noticed more and more infomercials running on Dish Network than ever before and I have to say some of them are down right nonsense. But as ridiculous as the idea for the Couch Coozy looked, I was intrigued.

As I sat mocking Anthony Sullivan during the commercial, I noticed that I was stretching forward reaching for my drink on the coffee table. It was almost as if these morons on TV were talking right to me and felt like an idiot. The ad starts off with Sullivan saying, are you tired of stretching and straining just for a sip? I'm thinking to myself, "No", But then, as if being remotely controlled by Sully, I was doing it.

That really got me thinking about how these As Seen On TV guys are able to market to the general public by pointing out simple every day problems that most of us don't even realize we have, and then solving them for us. It is pretty brilliant if you ask me, but I hate knowing that I've fallen for it. But the more I thought about it, the Couch Coozy began to sound like a good idea. I searched online for Couch Coozy Reviews and found few so I guess the product is fairly new. I didn't remember seeing in the stores so answering the question of "Does Couch Coozy Work?" would depend on me and seeing for myself. I hate that.

My couch coozy review will be pretty simple because it is really a simple product.  Now it turns out that I do have a need for a cup holder for my couch because after I saw the commercial I really noticed how I behaved when I had a drink.

In my family we have a new baby and it's fun to hold her and burp her and do all those things you do with a baby, but then what?  I'm not the main care taker.  I'm just an inlaw whose main job is to go visiting and say how cute the baby is, but I often find myself sitting on the couch holding her.

So if you are holding a baby in your arms on the couch where do you put the bottle? Getting up disturbs the baby and the last thing you want to do is wake up an infant.  Being able to have the bottle safe and secure a few inches away is an absolute dream situation.  You won't how different it is unless you try it, but trust me, it is a very handy thing.

There are a ton of other uses and reaching for my drinks at home is certainly one of them but to tell you the truth, I'm not in the habit of sliding it in before I sit down so I have to get up anyway.  But when I do use it does work and it works very well.  I mostly use it for either Diet Coke Cans or a wine glass and I've yet to spill anything yet.

If you see the ad you'll notice it has a slot for mug handles and a lip around the edges to catch any splashes should something make it over the side, but I use mine for Orange seeds and Apple Cores.  It's a great little ash tray if you ask me and it keeps my wife from pestering me when she finds orange seeds dried out and stuck to our end table.  She definitely prefers that I train myself to use the couch coozy but she's not exactly counting on it.

When I ordered mine, I believe I paid $24 and received 3 Couch Coozies which isn't bad I suppose but I didn't really didn't need extra ones.  The unit itself is surprisingly sturdy and simple.  The only assembly is done if you choose to add the extra fin which is used if your cushions are thick and deep.  Using the fin will make provide more stability if you need it.  The whole idea is to keep the entire thing from moving.  It is not really a balancing act or a trick as it may look in the commercial.  It actually slides in between the cushion and creates a sturdy foundation for your drink.  It's very difficult to shake it loose if you're sitting or moving about normally.  If you try hard, it still won't tip your cup but there is a chance you could force some liquid over the side to be caught by the lip.  But under normal conditions I cannot deny that it does work.

Will the couch coozy be as captivating for the average television viewer as it was for me? Who knows how these things really get popular?  Some of the most successful products are things I would never buy yet they are in every store in America.  I'm no marketing executive but I imagine if we see a lot of commercials running over the next few months, then it is something the public is demanding and it will get into the stores and everyone can easily try the couch coozy.

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The Couch Coozy

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The Couch Coozy

This article was published on 2011/01/13