Role Of Essential Nutrient- Balanced Food

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In our daily diet we should have a good food habit. But what does it mean by good food? In brief we can say that our body needs food for proper and healthy growth and provides energy to work. The food our body need comprise of some essential nutrients and in adequate quantity. We are aware about the necessary nutrients of our food like protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and water etc. Despite having enough knowledge about the importance of these nutrients we are quite careless and an unscientific and undisciplined intake of food cause different disorders in our health. A healthy food habit can keep us far beyond of different deficiency diseases and health problem. The intake of adequate food containing the necessary nutrients makes a balanced food. Let us have a look how each ingredient play different important roles in a human body:


Role of Protein

Protein has an extensive role in maintaining our body. It helps in formation of urea and uric acid and help in making new tissues in our body. Our body cell protoplasm is made by protein. As it helps in formation of new tissues if any tissue get injure or damaged that is also repaired by protein. It also helps in forming antibodies within us which are very important to work as a shield of safety.  


Role of Carbohydrates

In a human body carbohydrate converts into fat and provides endless energy to us. Maintaining of glucose level in the blood is its responsibility. It converts into lactose for the feeing mothers. An excess intake of carbohydrate rich food lead causes blood sugar.


Role of Fats

Fat is basically the optimum source energy. It remains in body and human body can store it. It also helps in blood clotting by formation of phospholipids as oxidizes. Fat is another source of vitamins like A, D,E and K. Excess intake of fat is dangerous as it leads to obesity.  


Role of Vitamins

Deficiency of vitamins causes many disorders and deficiency diseases in our body. It is the most important nutrient that maintains our health.


Role of Mineral

Mineral is playing a very important role in human body. It is source of strength. It helps in building bones and teeth. In formation of Red Blood Corpuscles it takes a vital role. Our nervous system and muscles are also functioning where minerals have a vital part.


All these nutrients combined, in adequate quantity make a balanced food. However intake of balanced food depends upon few important points like age, sex, general body 

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Role Of Essential Nutrient- Balanced Food

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Role Of Essential Nutrient- Balanced Food

This article was published on 2012/04/07